WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit: Emergency Drinking Water Storage Review

saving water in a bathtub for emergencies

If you’re in the process of getting prepared for hurricane season or other kinds of natural and man-made disasters, then water storage should be your top priority. But it’s not enough to have a water ration reserved away, the way you store it is also highly critical.

In an emergency situation that affects water supply, using contaminated water should never be an issue to worry about. Today, we’re providing a detailed WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit: emergency drinking water storage review to help you choose a reliable water storage solution according to your needs and budget.

WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit – Overview

Let’s start our review with an introduction to both water storage solutions so you can have a better idea of what these products are and what they’re intended to do.


The WaterBOB is an emergency drinking water storage system that holds up to 100 gallons of freshwater and keeps it in your bathtub. It can be used in any bathtub in the case of an emergency such as a tropical storm or hurricane.

The WaterBOB was invented by Mr Tony Woodruff in Wausau, Wisconsin. He uses a China-based company to produce WaterBOB units after carefully searching for the best-equipped manufacturer to take on such a project.

This company is committed to meeting the strict requirements for making a safe and dependable WaterBOB.


The AquaPodKit is a complete liner and pump setup that includes all the needed tools for you to store clean water in your bathtub in the event of an emergency. It ensures that your drinking water stays sealed in a durable liner, deeming it safe for long-term storage.

The AquaPodKit was invented by Dave Dodgen, also the owner of Aquastorage (Texas), who later partnered with Ingeniven for the manufacturing of AquaPodKit units as well as the design of new products. AquaPodKit produces their liners in the United States.

WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit – Features

Now, let’s dive deeper into the features of WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit so you can easily compare both products.


The capacity of the WaterBOB depends on the size of your bathtub and how much water you can fill it with, but a waterBOB unit can store as much as 100 gallons. It takes approximately 20 minutes to fill the waterBOB, but this may differ depending on the water flow in your house.

Since most standard bathtubs hold about 60 to 70 gallons of water, you need to check your bathtub’s capacity to get an estimation of the amount of water you can store. It’s important to avoid filling the WaterBOB over the edge of your tub.

As for the AquaPodKit, it can also hold up to 100 gallons of water. However, the company recommends filling the liner with 65 gallons only to keep it under the tub line because standard tubs can hold 70 gallons only.

Still, the bag can store more water if you place it in a bigger or garden tub. The size of the liner is 40 x 80 inches, and it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fill.

Storage Duration

The water inside the WaterBOB will remain fresh for up to 16 weeks, depending on humidity and temperature conditions.

In the AquaPodKit, the stored water will stay fresh for up to 8 weeks or more, also depending on the humidity and temperature conditions.

Direct sunlight accelerates the growth of contaminants, so you should always keep direct sunlight away from the WaterBOB or the AquaPodKit by covering the bag with towels or a sheet.


The WaterBOB is made out of heavy-duty 10 mil food-grade Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic, while the AquaPodKit liners are constructed of 4 mil food-grade LLDPE plastic. This material follows and stays within USDA and FDA guidelines, containing no PVCs and free of BPA.


Both the WaterBOB and the AquaPodKit will work in just about any bathtub despite its shape and size. That being said, the WaterBOB is made thicker, so it has a lower risk of developing a crack or a cut if placed in awkwardly shaped bathtubs.


Both the WaterBOB and the AquaPodKit are intended for a one time use. There a couple of reasons for not being reusable:

  • To be used again, you’ll need to empty the unit and have it completely dried and free of contaminants, which is practically inconvenient.
  • If the bag or liner was somehow damaged while being emptied, you wouldn’t know it until you need to use it again. At that time, it’d be too late.

WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit – How to Use

  • The WaterBOB: lay the liner in your bathtub then place and hold the fill-sock over the faucet and fill the bladder, which takes around 20-30 minutes depending on your home’s water flow and the tub’s size tub.

A siphon pump is included in the package to easily dispense water out of the WaterBOB for use. You’ll also receive easy-to-follow instructions (printed in Spanish as well) with pictures.

  • The AquaPodKit: the same steps apply here, but instead of holding the liner over the faucet to keep it in place, you can secure it with the included zip tie. Once the filling is complete, simply cut the zip tie using some scissors.

You’ll also get illustrated instructions as well as a siphon pump to get the water out.

WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit – Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of each product to sum up the review:

WaterBOB Pros

  • Made of FDA-approved food-grade plastic
  • Thick material
  • Keeps water fresh for up to 16 weeks
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

WaterBOB Cons

  • No zip tie to secure the liner over the faucet during filling
  • Not reusable

AquaPodKit Pros

  • Made of FDA-approved food-grade plastic
  • Comes with a zip tie
  • Effortless to use
  • Holds water for up to 8 weeks

AquaPodKit Cons

  • Not as thick as WaterBOB
  • Not reusable

WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit – Which One Should You Buy?

Now is the time to make a decision, WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit: which one is right for you?

Well, both options are pretty reliable and effective in storing drinking water for emergencies. They’re both made of high-quality materials and cost roughly the same price.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more dependable to keep water fresh for a longer time, then the WaterBOB is your answer.



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