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funny prepping gifts for dad

25 Funny Prepper Gifts for Dad

Finding the perfect gift for your dad can be hard, especially when they are a super survivalist prepper extraordinaire. So instead of going functional and …

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listening to a survial and prepping podcast on an old radio

25 Best Survival & Prepper Podcasts You Need to Check Out

Prepping is more than just stockpiling supplies. While that is a very important part of prepping, learning the necessary skills to survive is even more …

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Supplies for a bug out bag laid out on a table

Free Bug Out Bag Checklist for Beginners [Printable]

A bug out bag is a portable bag or backpack of items that would be able to keep you alive for 72-hours in the event …

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Nuclear explosion going off in the ocean creating a mushroom cloud

What to do in a Nuclear Attack [Preparedness Guide]

Being prepared for any emergency or crisis situation, whatever it may be is crucial to your survival. The same goes for a nuclear attack. While …

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Supplies for an emergency sitting on the table

Nuclear Attack Survival Kit [21 Vital Items]

Survival kits have been around for a while and can be tweaked to fit your needs for a specific emergency or crisis. In this case, …

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mother and her three young children watch their house burn from a safe distance

Creating a Home Emergency Action Plan for Disasters

Creating an effective home emergency plan will help you feel confident that your family will be able to get through any kind of crisis together. …

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Our Mission

We’ve all been in an unforeseen emergency event and it’s only then that we realize how unprepared we truly are for these situations.This is exactly why Prep Plans was started. To be a resource for anyone that needs some help getting their bug out bag in order or creating a family emergency disaster plan.It’s not fun dealing with any type of emergency, but next time when SHTF you’ll be prepared.

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