25 Best Survival & Prepper Podcasts You Need to Check Out

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Prepping is more than just stockpiling supplies. While that is a very important part of prepping, learning the necessary skills to survive is even more important. Even stockpiling requires learning new skills. Considering that our modern-day industrialized society is so far removed from the basics of survival, if we don’t learn the necessary skills, it doesn’t matter how big out stockpile is, we won’t make it.

So, where do you learn those skills? The internet today offers us a wide range of instruction, in just about any topic we can imagine, including survival. There are a number of websites and blogs which offer information, as well as podcasts and YouTube channels for those who are more visual learners.

No one source has everything you need to know, no matter how good they are. The area of prepping and survival is so vast and can cover so many sub-areas, that you really need multiple information sources, in order to give you the opportunity to learn everything you’re looking to learn. One blog or podcast may focus on one specific area of knowledge, while another might have a totally different focus. Even when covering the same area, different teachers will have different slants about it, giving you the opportunity to compare what each one says.

Fortunately for all of us, there’s lots to choose from, like the 25 best survival and prepper podcasts I’ve listed below. Check them out.

25. The Big One

This podcast is focused on what’s going to happen when “the big one” hits, the power goes out and suddenly everyone is in a survival situation. Their focus is what’s going to happen when a big earthquake hits Los Angeles. In the process of discussing this, they talk about a lot of information that’s useful for anyone interested in survival.

24. Canadian Outdoor Survival Podcast

We had to get at least one podcast in here from our neighbors to the north. This is an outdoor survival podcast, focusing on things from the viewpoint of the Canadian Wilderness, which there is a lot of. They are survival instructors, which comes out in their content, getting input from interviewing other instructors, teaching specific skills and giving a good overview.

23. The Disaster Podcast

This podcast is unique in that Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley, the owners, are obviously first-responders. Using that, they focus mostly on actionable medical information that you can use for making it through a disaster. From self-care to wound treatment, they give you a lot of useful information that you might not find in other podcasts.

22. Epic Gardening

While this might seem like a podcast for gardeners, it’s done from a prepper’s viewpoint. Many preppers are planning on using their gardens to help provide food for their families. That’s exactly what this podcast is about. Episodes are short and focused, giving you a lot of useful information for your survival garden.

21. FieldCraft Survival

This podcast is the property of an actual survival company, which is run by former Special Forces operators. This gives them a unique viewpoint, especially when it comes to tactical training. But they don’t stop with just that. They also talk about medical training, specialized outdoor gear and catastrophe preparation. A professional podcast, put together by professionals.

20. How I Survived Podcast

Survival stores told first-hand by people who survived. Many of these people have faced unimaginable circumstances, managing to come out of it alive. Through their experience, you can get a good picture of what survival is really like, with all the glamour stripped away.

19. How to Survive the End of the World

A woman owned and run podcast, this one is put out by a couple of sisters. While their focus is survival, they are left-leaning, politically speaking. This gives them a different viewpoint on survival, allowing them to bring forth points that many others might miss. They’re also community focused in their message, not seeing survival as being about just “our four and no more.”

18. In the Rabbit Hole Urban Survival

A little different, this podcast features three rather “normal” guys, Aaron, Jonathan and Jason, who each have their own unique perspective on prepping. That makes for an interesting show, where you’re given the information and opportunity to make your own decisions about what’s best for you. At over 200 episodes, there’s plenty of information to dig through.

17. J2cast: Prepping

This one might be a bit too political for you, especially if you’re not a libertarian. Nevertheless, in the midst of the political rants against the government, there’s a lot of good talk about survival, including surviving in situations others might not cover.

16. Modern Combat and Survival

Jeff Anderson has been a staple in the prepping community for a number of years. While he covers all of survival, his focus is on self-defense, combat skills, guns and wilderness survival. They bring a number of unique ideas to the table, which others aren’t really talking about.

15. Mountain Woman Radio

Another woman-owned podcast, with a focus on couples prepping and homesteading together. Too many of us see this as something that we do alone, often without our spouse. But when we work together, we can do more. One of her key areas, which others don’t cover, is how a disaster affects a marriage relationship and how to support each other through that disaster.

14. The Prepper Podcast

This podcast seems to be dormant, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. Ken Jensen, who goes under the moniker “Survival Guy” created a great library of resources, before hanging it up. The individual episodes are a bit long, but packed with practical information.

13. The Prepper Guy Project

This infrequent podcast is the work of Mark Boyle. The real beauty to it is that he tends to have a different viewpoint on things. Mark is a minimalist, which is much different than the rest of us, who tend to stack up gear and supplies to the ceiling. But that’s not where his different viewpoint begins and ends. He has a different view on many current events. In a world where most people live in an echo chamber, hearing a different viewpoint can give us a fresh perspective.

12. The Prepper Princess

This podcast is something that all of us need. In it, they discuss strategies and practical plans for prepping on a shoestring budget. Episodes are short and to the point, focusing on specific subjects.

11. Prepper Website Podcast

This is a relatively new podcast, coming from a rather old prepping website. This is a curated site, where Todd Sepulveda is posting the best information he can find. Done in audio only, you get some of the best information available, five days a week.

10. Primal Survival Podcast

A podcast that tries to cover everything necessary to prepare one for any survival situation. While relatively new, they still have some great content. The owners of the podcast seem to be on a mission to educate, helping people discover what they need to do, so that they can prepare to survive.

9. Rational Survivor Podcast

The owner of this podcast, Kyle Starkey, focuses more on the state of prepping, rather than teaching how to survive. In that process, he debunks some of the more ridiculous terminology and rumors floating around the prepper community, as well as talking about what the news really means to us who are trying to be prepared. A great podcast to help you keep grounded.

8. The Realistic Prepper

This podcast is a great resource for new preppers. While you’re not going to find some of the more esoteric viewpoints on here, you will find all the basics you need know. The podcast can be a bit dry, but that’s because they’re giving you the information, rather than a bunch of fluff. You’ll learn quickly from Jack and David.

7. The Sheepdog Project

If you like podcasts with a different slant, then you might like this one. Tim Kennedy and Mike Simpson call themselves Sheepdogs and are speaking to others who might be the same. What are these sheepdogs? They are the ones who are willing to place themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

6. Survival

Focused on telling the stories of people who have had to survive, they give a very realistic view of what it really takes to survive and how far people will go, when their lives are on the line. They also look at how the experience has changed the various survivors they are talking about.

5. Survival and Basic Badass Podcast

This podcast covers things from a survival viewpoint, more than a prepping one. It’s basically a couple of good old boys, who obviously have spent time learning about survival. They sit there, over a couple of beers and discuss the topic of the day. Lots of good information on wilderness survival, bugging out and home security.

4. The Survival Podcast

This one is worth looking into for the vast number of episodes they have available for you to glean from. At somewhere around 2,000 episodes, you’re bound to find something on anything you’re looking for. This is one of the cornerstones of the prepping community, covering a wide range of topics and reviews. Jack Spirko, the owner of this podcast is knowledgeable, but also brings a lot of guests on to share their knowledge.

3. The Survivalist Prepper Podcast

This podcast, by Dale Goodwin, covers a nice mix of natural disasters, as well as the more spectacular TEOTWAWKI events. With so many people focused on those major disasters, it’s nice to see someone teaching something that we are more likely to use.

2. Surviving Sarah Podcast

One of the few woman run survival podcasts, this is owned by Sarah Bragg. She brings guests on with her, to talk about what surviving looks like in a variety of scenarios. Being a woman, she brings a perspective that others might miss, covering topics like your kids, job and relationship. While this podcast is done more for women, there’s plenty men can glean from it too.

1. Today’s Survival Show

One of the more comprehensive survival podcasts, this one has somewhere north of 300 episodes to keep you busy. The owner, Bob Mayne is solid, well grounded, and avoids the tin hat tendency that some people have. Plenty of good information here.

These podcasts are a great resource to learn some new specialty skills and reinforce some of the main themes a prepper should know.



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