Best Emergency Preparedness Water Storage Containers

Three large blue emergency water storage containers

All great survival plans include a means for collecting water. We can live just three days without it, not to mention that we will need it for sanitization, cleaning, and cooking purposes. Water can become contaminated or shut off at any time, so we’ve compiled a list of the best emergency preparedness water storage containers that will help you stockpile water.

iSpring T32M Pre- Pressurized Water Storage Tank

This is a 4 gallon 7.25 pound tank. It costs $35 on Amazon and will hold 3.2 gallons of water. It is able to release water in both vertical and horizontal positions, and guarantees tasteless and odorless water. It is small enough to fit under your sink, and the metal body is coated with a specific material that prevents it from rust. It uses a reverse osmosis system and is pressurized to 5-7 PSI. It meets NSF/ANSI Standards and arrives pre pressurized. The only downside is that there is not a pre installed shut off value, you will have to carefully screw it on yourself.

Emergency Essentials Water Barrel

This is a large 55 gallon barrel that is FDA approved and BPA free. It is available for $106 on Amazon. The dark blue color of the barrel is helpful in controlling the growth of bacteria. This 55 gallon capacity makes it perfect for a family of 4, as this amount of water can keep 4 people alive for 14 days. When you first purchase this barrel, you will have to do a simple cleaning procedure with bleach and water, and then it is ready for use. The only downside is that it does not come with a lid and it is very heavy to lift due to the large amount of water it can hold.

15 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Barrel

This is the smaller version of the 55 gallon tank. It weighs about 125 lbs when full, and once again the dark blue material helps block light and make sure that bacteria is not able to grow inside. They go for around $80 on Amazon. The material is also food grade so it will prevent mold and further bacteria. This is a great option if you’re looking for something that is similar to the 55 gallon tank but is more portable. This can be transported much more easily in an emergency where you need to get on the move. This can give one person two weeks of water, so if you have a large family you would want to explore other options as well.

RomoTech Vertical Polyethylene Reservoir

This holds 550 gallons and sells for $570 on Amazon. It can store water as well as chemicals that are neon flammable. It weighs 140 pounds so it’s somewhat portable, but you would want to make sure that you have enough hands on the deck to move it if you need to. It is made from very high quality materials that are UV protected polyethylene, and the large cap on it makes it quite simple to fill and empty the tank.

250 Gallon Rain Harvesting Tank

Emergencies are the perfect time to utilize free rainwater that we often don’t think about. This sells for $330 and allows you to collect rainwater discreetly; the tank blends in with bushes or your garage. It also has a stainless steel strainer embedded that is designed to collect dirt, leaves and sticks as well as bugs to make sure that the water is pure. It’s also made with non toxic plastic materials. Collecting rainwater provides a positive effect on the environment and rainwater is perfectly safe for hand washing, watering your plants, or pressure washing. It’s free, so we might as well use it!

Saratoga Farms 5 Gallon Stackables

These retail for $145 on Amazon and are a great option if you’re cautious about optimizing space. They are flat on the bottom and top so they fit together perfectly to stack. They are BPA free and non toxic. These claim to supply 80 days worth of drinking water when you create a stack of the 8c containers. The only consideration for storing these stackables is that it is best to not store them on a cement floor. This is because the pressure, over time, can lead to slight water contamination. The caps can also leak on these if you do not secure them tightly enough.

LCI Plastic Water Can

These are 5 gallons and are $53 on Amazon. They only weigh 5 pounds and are plastic. This has actually been used by the military to preserve the pure quality of drinking water. It pours very easily and is easy to refill. It also has handles so it’s very easy to take with you if you’re on the go.

260 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank

This weighs 70 pounds and holds 260 gallons of water. It is large but fits through all standard door frames. Its height also maximizes your floor space. It has two valves for use and water rotation, and is BPA free and food safe. If you don’t have space inside, this can also store water outside if you do not live in a very cold environment. All you have to do before filling the tank with water for the first time is rinse it lightly.

Norwesco 45223 35 Gallon Horizontal Water Tank

This holds 35 gallons and costs $153 on Amazon. You can store water as well as chemicals in this. They are FDA and NSF approved. It is very versatile and you will probably find that you get your money’s worth from it. However, you will need to purchase add ons such as the cap or straps to tie it down or attach it.

Water BOB Bathtub Emergency Water Storage Container

This stores up to 100 gallons of drinking water right in your bathtub! In the event of an emergency, you can fill up your bathtub with this to ensure that you will have enough water to keep you and your family safe. This filter makes sure that there won’t be any soap or dirt from the bathtub entering your water, and it can keep the water clean for up to 16 weeks! This is a great option to have on hand if you aren’t ready to make the investment for a larger tank, or you want to make sure that you have a backup method for water if your primary source were to run out.

Emergency Water Pouch

These are great to have on hand for last minute emergencies. THese pouches are very portable and can be thrown in your bag easily, and the water has been filtered and meets all FDA specifications. The water will also stay free from the plastic taste that you can sometimes find in waters. This option is also much less expensive than having a tank and the pouches take up less space and are more compact than traditional water bottles. The pouches last for five years.

If you decide that you are ready to invest in a any of these emergency preparedness water storage containers, the first consideration you will want to take into account is how many people you need to have water available for. If you have a large family, the 55 gallon option will be better, whereas if you are living by yourself, the 15 gallon would be more than fine. You will also want to consider what option will be best for your family if you are in an emergency situation that requires movement very quickly. Many of these tanks are quite heavy and are not going to be easily portable. So, it’s a good idea to have the pouches or water tablets ready on hand if you have to get on the move quickly. You will also want to carefully check to make sure that the item you choose is BPA free and food safe. Also consider storage options, and if you will be able to easily seal your container.



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