Food to Get for a Hurricane [Supply Checklist]

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Hurricanes are massive storms that start over warm oceans and migrate onto land. According to the U.S. Government, “Potential threats from hurricanes include powerful winds, heavy rainfall, storm surges, coastal and inland flooding, rip currents, tornadoes, and landslides. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The Pacific hurricane season runs May 15 to November 30”. Hurricanes can move up to 100 miles inland, so even if you are not very close to the water, you should still prepare for its effects. It is important to sign up for all emergency alert systems so that you can have warnings for flash flooding or hurricanes. Also, identify where in your home you will seek shelter if there are high winds (preferable a room as low as possible without windows). If you are told to evacuate, do so immediately. However, you may be homebound as a result of a hurricane. So, we have compiled a list of non-perishable items and food to get for a hurricane that you’ll want to have on hand to weather the storm.

The most important item you will want to have on hand is water. You’ll want one gallon of water per person per day. For sanitation and hygiene purposes, fill your bathtub up with water at the first sign of a water shortage. Bathtubs can hold up to 100 gallons of water which you can use for bathing and cleaning, but it is not recommended that you drink it.

When it comes to food, the government recommends that you have five days worth of food ready (at a minimum). If you lose power, first empty out your fridge; these foods will go bad quickly anyways so you should eat them while they’re still safe to eat. When it comes to stockpiling foods for hurricane prep, the key is to make them non-perishable and simple to make. Meals that require as little cooking as possible are ideal. You will also want to make sure that you have enough food for your pet, as well as any medications that they regularly take.

Zero Prep Foods

●  Dry cereal

●  Canned fruits

●  Canned vegetables

●  Canned juice

●  Ready to eat canned soups and meats

●  Canned pasta

●  Canned beans

●  Peanut Butter

●  Bread

●  Bananas

●  Apples

●  Oranges

●  Crackers

●  Nuts

●  Granola and energy bars

Minimal Prep Foods

●  Rice

●  Pasta

●  Pasta Sauce

●  Seasoning

●  Oats

Zero prep and minimal prep food to get for a hurricane is essential when planning for the storm. A hurricane or storm can take out your power, rendering your refrigerator useless and you unable to cook dinner as you usually would. In the case that your power does go, you will first want to use up the foods that are in your fridge before they go bad so that you don’t waste them. Then, you’ll be happy that you have plenty of zero prep non-perishable foods on hand to sustain your family until it is safe to cook or return to the grocery store again. As always, remember to account for plenty of water to keep your family properly hydrated and able to stay clean during a crisis. As a last resort, your bathtub can be filled with 100 gallons of water for cleaning and sanitizing needs so that you can use the bottled water that you do have for drinking and light cooking. You will also want to account for food allergies and restrictions in food prepping, as many of these pre-made and canned foods have allergens such as gluten in them, and you do not want any surprises during an emergency.



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