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Supplies for an emergency sitting on the table

Nuclear Attack Survival Kit [21 Vital Items]

Survival kits have been around for a while and can be tweaked to fit your needs for a specific emergency or crisis. In this case, …

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Nuclear explosion going off in the ocean creating a mushroom cloud

What to do in a Nuclear Attack [Preparedness Guide]

Being prepared for any emergency or crisis situation, whatever it may be is crucial to your survival. The same goes for a nuclear attack. While …

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pill bottles with expiration dates on them

Expiry Dates on First Aid Supplies [Survival Guide]

Just about any consumable product you buy these days comes with an expiration date, sometimes referred to as an “expiry date.” At least, there’s something …

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Woman next to a full shopping cart looking at grocery store shelves

Food to Get for a Hurricane [Supply Checklist]

Hurricanes are massive storms that start over warm oceans and migrate onto land. According to the U.S. Government, “Potential threats from hurricanes include powerful winds, …

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Shopping list with groceries on it while rows of food are in the background

Non-Perishable Food List for Emergencies [Printable]

In the event of a national emergency, it’s possible that you could make your trip to the grocery store only to see that the shelves …

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Emergency plan checklist with a pen sitting on it

Family Pandemic Preparedness Checklist

It’s amazing how quickly a virus can spread throughout the world. It is always hard to fight against something that you can see out in …

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Our Mission

We’ve all been in an unforeseen emergency event and it’s only then that we realize how unprepared we truly are for these situations.This is exactly why Prep Plans was started. To be a resource for anyone that needs some help getting their bug out bag in order or creating a family emergency disaster plan.It’s not fun dealing with any type of emergency, but next time when SHTF you’ll be prepared.

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15 Best Solar Chargers for Backpacking, Camping & Go Bags

If someone told you a couple of decades ago that we’d be able …

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Food & Water

WaterBOB vs AquaPodKit: Emergency Drinking Water Storage Review

If you’re in the process of getting prepared for hurricane season or other …

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