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woman in a red shirt and overalls holding a chicken

Top Ten Largest Chicken Breeds Best for Family Survival

Raising chickens for eggs and meat is one of the most rewarding ways to ensure that you and your family stay fed and healthy. We …

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rooster in the woods

Are Roosters Edible [6 FAQs about Raising Poultry to Survive]

Raising chickens and roosters for food is an option that some families by look into. Chickens provide eggs and chicken meat. But, this often leaves …

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Young woman sitting next to candle light in a house without electricity

How to Heat a House Without Electricity

In emergency situations such as natural disasters, you can find yourself without power quite easily. If it’s wintertime, you will have to find a way …

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pill bottles with expiration dates on them

Expiry Dates on First Aid Supplies [Survival Guide]

Just about any consumable product you buy these days comes with an expiration date, sometimes referred to as an “expiry date.” At least, there’s something …

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Flame from a gas stove close up

Best Alternative Heat Sources for Any Emergency

In an emergency situation, you can find yourself without power and heat. You want to make sure that you have taken the proper precautions to …

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listening to a survial and prepping podcast on an old radio

25 Best Survival & Prepper Podcasts You Need to Check Out

Prepping is more than just stockpiling supplies. While that is a very important part of prepping, learning the necessary skills to survive is even more …

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Our Mission

We’ve all been in an unforeseen emergency event and it’s only then that we realize how unprepared we truly are for these situations.This is exactly why Prep Plans was started. To be a resource for anyone that needs some help getting their bug out bag in order or creating a family emergency disaster plan.It’s not fun dealing with any type of emergency, but next time when SHTF you’ll be prepared.

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How Much Water to Store for Prepping for a Family?

It’s not a bad idea to have a water supply on hand for …

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25 Funny Prepper Gifts for Dad

Finding the perfect gift for your dad can be hard, especially when they …

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